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Night Revelations

tea-time anyone?


Name: nrem

I have a new policy as of early 2011 that I'm putting here to remind myself of:

☆ If I get through your story, I will comment.
☆ If I look at your art, I will comment.
If I enjoy something even the tiniest bit, I will comment.

Oh, and...

Feel free to contact me anytime.
ご遠慮なくいつでもご連絡ください。 (まっったくLJで日本人はいなくても、まあいいか。。。いつか日本語でフィックを書きたいって思うけど書けるかどうか分かんない。)
إِذا بدَّك تبعثني أَيَّ شيء (iza beddak tb3atnii shii!) dai'man beddi be7ki ma3a elfandom bil 3arabii :)

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