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25 December 2030 @ 04:03 pm
updated july 6th, 2012

Hello! This is a placeholder to welcome confused wanderers. This journal primarily focuses on fandom, currently including Teen Wolf, Inception, Grimm, and angel-fic. Writing posted here is tagged under fic; if you aren't a friend you may not be able to access it all. Feel free to friend me; if you don't let me know below I probably won't notice, so comment for conversation or reciprocation. Have a lovely day,

em/nrem  (♪♪ tweet me ♪♪)

Note: If you are only here for fic you can find much of it at my AO3 page. However, there are stories and ficlets exclusive to either place.

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In general:

Writing: Please be aware that many of the stories I post are explicit in nature with some containing darker subject matter. Please read all story notes before proceeding to read anything I post. The content notes on the LJ & DW masterlist are NOT COMPREHENSIVE; click on a story for comprehensive notes.

Approach: I try to accurately and pro-actively note content in my fics that I anticipate readers may find triggering or even simply odious. This includes but is definitely not limited to: non-con, dub-con, classism, racism, sexism, underage sex (underage = 18), incest, power imbalances in relationships, alcohol or drug use, violence, and graphic descriptions (of blood/bodily fluids). By noting these things, I don't mean to pass any judgment on readers who are looking for any certain type of story, especially since I partly use such stories to take control of my own experiences. (My definitions of non and dub-con are basically gyzym's definitions. However, I am a bit freer with dubcon -- as a writer I am in the unique position of understanding what both characters want. Therefore, some sex under-the-influence of alcohol/manipulation may not be labelled dub-con, but will have a more specific content note instead.)

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09 May 2011 @ 02:45 pm
This is a little gathering place for things of tentacly-nature. The name "Tentacular Spectacular" is by unvarnishedtale after some brainstorming on twitter. There were so many good names (including "Love Me Tendril", "Hold Me in Your Tentacular Suckery Arms", "Blowjobs and Bothria", "Squid Roe", and "Squiddy Love") that I think it's fair to say more tentacles are in the future. The beautiful artwork for the banner below in by platina -- this doesn't do it justice. At all!

Tentacular Spectacular

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