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29 August 2012 @ 10:02 pm
On Content Notes/Warnings + Transformative Works Permission  
In general:

Writing: Please be aware that many of the stories I post are explicit in nature with some containing darker subject matter. Please read all story notes before proceeding to read anything I post. The content notes on the LJ & DW masterlist are NOT COMPREHENSIVE; click on a story for comprehensive notes.

Approach: I try to accurately and pro-actively note content in my fics that I anticipate readers may find triggering or even simply odious. This includes but is definitely not limited to: non-con, dub-con, classism, racism, sexism, underage sex (underage = 18), incest, power imbalances in relationships, alcohol or drug use, violence, and graphic descriptions (of blood/bodily fluids). By noting these things, I don't mean to pass any judgment on readers who are looking for any certain type of story, especially since I partly use such stories to take control of my own experiences. (My definitions of non and dub-con are basically gyzym's definitions. However, I am a bit freer with dubcon -- as a writer I am in the unique position of understanding what both characters want. Therefore, some sex under-the-influence of alcohol/manipulation may not be labelled dub-con, but will have a more specific content note instead.)

Platform specific notes:

LJ/DW: I generally prefer to use the words "content notes" over the word "warnings." The switch is not meant to lessen any acts that are sometimes described, but instead is meant to 1) give every potential reader the information they need to make a safe decision while 2) passing no judgment on any reader.

AO3: I try to use canonical AO3 tags to make searching and filtering easy for readers. Therefore, sometimes tags on AO3 will not perfectly match up with my ideal or my LJ/DW content notes. This said, I do try my best to use tags that accurately portray story content, and if I see it is warranted, I will use a non-canonical tag to note content. Please make sure you read ALL AO3 tags before engaging any of my posted stories; please also make sure you have “show non-canonical tags” enabled in your AO3 settings box if you are a registered AO3 member.


...you have a rare trigger & want to read my stories safely: First, please know that I won't judge you for whatever your trigger is (gym class? red hair? etc). Second, if you've read a summary and think one of my fics might trigger you, please feel free to ask (PM, anon comment, @nightreveals on twitter) about the fic's content. I will try to respond ASAP to any inquiries of this nature.

...you have been triggered by one of my stories: First, I'm so, so sorry. I can assure you that, even though it doesn't make it better, it was the last thing I wanted to do. I wish you the best in getting back to a safe mental space. Please let me know if I can help. Second, if you are of sound mind to do so, let me know which story triggered you so that I can assess its warnings and look for ways to improve them in the future. For your safety, you can do this below (anon if needed), on the story in question on LJ/DW/AO3, privately by PM, or on twitter @nightreveals. Feel free to have a friend do this for you, if this makes you feel safer.

...you see there is a content note missing from a story: Thank you for reading carefully! Please let me know below:

1) the title of the story that is missing a content note about something potentially triggering
2) what platform it is missing on (sometimes when I'm posting multiple times quickly a content note might get made on LJ and DW but not on AO3, for example)
3) what content note you think would be appropriate, or what you have seen used in other fics
4) (optional) which section of the story in question you found warrants noting (this is not to check the validity of your claim, but to keep me appraised of my possible blind-spots)

Final thought:

I want for my stories to be accessible to a wide number of people, but I equally want for potential readers to avoid stories that hurt or cripple them. As I have seen in the past, occasionally stories have themes that are difficult to correctly label, and I am open to discussing what the appropriate note(s)/warning(s) should be. I hope that this post makes that point clearly, and provides a way for any reader to alert me to potential problems.

On Transformative Works:

I love podfics, translations, art, music mixes, and anything transformative! In general, I don't believe you "need" permission to remix or play with anything I've (PUBLICALLY) posted on the internet. However, I've created this post in light of transformative culture, which does seem to place some type of worth on permission.

Art: With a link back, blanket permission for all fic. If you draw something for a locked story, please note that I probably won't be able to unlock it.

Podfic & Translations: With a link back, blanket permission for fic that meet these three criteria:
* fic is a public work
* fic is written by me alone
* fic is not a gift

Fic sequels/spinoffs: With a link back, blanket permission for fic that meet these four criteria:
* fic is a public work
* fic is written by me alone
* fic is not a gift
* fic is finished

Note 1: For podficcers/translators, please prefer the fic version hosted on my AO3 account over the version posted to LJ/DW.
Note 2: If you find small changes would make any story eminently easier for you to podfic or translate, feel free to make those small changes without consulting me. I'd also be happy to work with podficcers to update a fic for smoother verbal delivery or to work with translators on clarifying shades of meaning. Drop me a note below or on the story in question.
Note 3: I would love to know about it if you've transformed or arted for something of mine, but letting me know is definitely not a requirement. If you do let me know, I'll be more than happy to link it on AO3/LJ/DW and announce it on my twitter and tumblrs!

Regarding the few fics that don't fall under blanket permission for transformation: If the fic is locked, it's unfortunately locked for a reason. If the fic is coauthored, check with the other author; my permission can be taken for granted (as long as it's not a gift/not locked). If the fic is a gift, get in touch with the recipient of the gift (they'll be marked on AO3)! If they are fine with it being transformed, go ahead -- no need to check back with me. I'm happy to help you check gift fics, as well, if you don't know the recipient and are shy. :)

I'm sure this post is tl;dr for most people, but if it's helped one person in any way, it has done it's job. Thanks for reading.



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