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25 December 2030 @ 04:03 pm
[sticky post] WELCOME & A MASTERLIST  
updated july 6th, 2012

Hello! This is a placeholder to welcome confused wanderers. This journal primarily focuses on fandom, currently including Teen Wolf, Inception, Grimm, and angel-fic. Writing posted here is tagged under fic; if you aren't a friend you may not be able to access it all. Feel free to friend me; if you don't let me know below I probably won't notice, so comment for conversation or reciprocation. Have a lovely day,

em/nrem  (♪♪ tweet me ♪♪)

Note: If you are only here for fic you can find much of it at my AO3 page. However, there are stories and ficlets exclusive to either place.


On Content Notes/Warnings -- please read!


Ribaldry&Rage and Fat Cock Vivant - Rage and Food themed Inception fests.

Tentacular Spectacular - Tentacle themed inception fests.

Final Fantasy

Guardians [AO3] & [LJ]; Seifer/Squall; PG; "touch-starved and longing" for anamuan.

Rooted [AO3] & [LJ]; Kuja/Zidane; PG13; "jealousy" for shiroi_ten.


Lost in Love [AO3]; Kirk/Chekov for vivi.

Teen Wolf

Bandaid [AO3] & [DW] & [LJ] - PG13 - 525 words - Stilinski Family Feels - alcoholism; guilt - Stiles comes home after episode 2.08.
No muscles in his legs ached from running; no sick-yellow bruises were beginning to bloom under his skin; no blood seeped through his shirt in awkward places.

For once, Stiles should have been coming home whole.

Ollie, Pop It, Shove It [AO3] & [DW] & [LJ] - PG13 - 525 words - Stilinski Family Feels - alcoholism; guilt - Losing your virginity should not be this logistically difficult.
"I am not," said Derek decisively, tossing his shoes in the corner of Stiles' room, "going to mate you when you're injured."

Know Your Trees [AO3] & [DW] & [LJ] - NC17 - 2.9k words - (mildly dub con) voyeurism - masturbation - To stop Derek from keeping him up all night, Stiles replaces his oak window frame with mountain ash. It doesn't go how he planned.
As if he has accidentally summoned bad luck by thinking about it, his window flies open, its oak border cracking against the top frame. Derek comes in like a parkour devotee, one quick roll putting him directly behind Stiles, who’s seated at his computer.


Concept Grass [AO3] & [DW] & [LJ] - PG13 - 1.4 - Derek/Stiles - cockblocking; twee; humour - Nick gets purposefully high and accidentally pregnant.
In retrospect, sniffing unknown green substances hidden in jars at the bottom of Aunt Marie’s trunk was a bad idea.

Quality Time [AO3] & [LJ] & [DW]- NC17 - 5.8k - Monroe/Nick/Juliette - submission; scent marking; facial - Nick and Juliette's movie nights with Monroe take a more interesting turn when Juliette urges Nick onto his knees.
"What are you doing?" Monroe asks, sniffing again. One hand comes up an inch before he forces it back down, trembling. "Man, what are you thinking?"

Adrift, Nick's mind races, half his blood still pooled in his dick as it rubs harshly against his boxers and jeans. "It wasn't me, it was Juliette – "

The Dark Knight Rises & RPF

The Violet Hour [AO3] & [LJ] - PG13 - 3.5k - John Blake/Joseph Gordon-Levitt - crossdressing (JGL = skirt, John = police) - Joe has the dress on, the black and white tights, the coral lipstick. He's ready for his date. But he doesn't expect to get pulled over by Officer John Blake on the way, or to get so intimately acquainted with his 's paint job.
"Ma'am, please get off your phone and put both hands on the steering wheel."



The Highest Tower [AO3]; Arthur/Eames; knight!Eames rescues prince!Arthur from a dragon (kind of).

Wall Street is Our Street [AO3] & [LJ]; PG13; Arthur/Eames; Captain Arthur of the NYPD is patrolling the Occupy Wall Street front lines.

"The child that is neglected develops the desire to destroy" [LJ]; Arthur/Eames; PG13; Arthur blows Eames up.

No, Never [AO3]; PG13; Arthur/Eames; Arthur is eminently biteable, or so he's heard.


Bond!Eames [LJ] - Arthur/Eames - NC17 - 30k+ [WIP] - Bond!Eames, while playing bodyguard, secretly investigates Arthur and his wife for illegal arm dealing. His investigation is very thorough and includes Arthur's mouth and maybe his ass (if he can swing that).

All the Real Boys [AO3] & [LJ] - PG13 - 3.5k - Arthur/Eames - AI!Eames - angst - for JM - Eames was born without a heartbeat. He's never had one and he never will. It turns out the only thing worse than true mortality is forced mortality.
Logically, Eames shouldn’t have the dexterity to play Prokofiev; he’s an expensive trinket made to sit in the homes of the rich and answer questions with alacrity and humor. Logically, Eames’ hands shouldn’t be able to do a lot of things they do (paint the walls, make coffee, steal Arthur’s breath), but somehow they manage.

Take Two [AO3] & [LJ] & [DW] - NC17 - 4.8k - Arthur/Eames - knotting; dominance play; violence; bloodplay - Arthur shouldn't be surprised that Eames is a Blutbad: Eames always did have good instincts.[Hunter!Arthur / Werewolf!Eames]
"Every time you didn’t take a shower but left me inside of you. Every time your heart beat faster when I’d touch you, shove you, hold you down. You think I didn’t notice?” Eames takes one last step, putting himself a foot away from Arthur. The air between them is too thin, like they’re floating above the earth together, readying themselves for the long, long fall down. “You think I don’t notice now?”

Arthur, Professional Troll [AO3] & [LJ] & [DW] - NC17 - 2.2k - Arthur/Eames - trolling; teasing; age difference - Eames has dreamed of hitting that for what feels like forever. It's really too bad that Arthur can't seem to loosen up enough to take everything Eames has to give him.
"Oh wait, wait wait," said Arthur into the pillow for the second time that night, gasping and slapping a hand down onto the bed.

Our Little Sexton Sings [AO3] & [LJ] - NC-17 - 17k - dubcon - The stables are all Arthur has known for many years, and though he wasn't born a servant he expects to die one -- at least until the lord of the manor's favoured son, Eames, takes a liking to pushing Arthur to his knees. (Stableboy!Arthur/Lord!Eames). Read full prompt here.
"I will break you to my touch,” says Eames, not unkindly but simply, as if it is a fact of the world that Arthur is to be trained. “And though I have always preferred sugar cubes to the whip, I will use both, if I find you wanting. Do you understand?”

Our Little Sexton Sings: Extra [LJ] & [AO3] - NC-17 - 3.5k - A universe where the plague never came to humble Eames and embolden Arthur.
Over the past months Arthur has toiled in the stables and his lord’s bed, serving the horse-master with the sun and Eames with the coming of the moon. Through this, he knows that Eames is not cruel with purpose, but casually, as is the wont of those born to privilege.

The Subsistence Method [AO3] & [LJ] - NC17 - 3.2k - Arthur/Eames - blow job; bruises; facial - Arthur gets the beat down on a job; Eames gets a facial and resists returning the favor onto Arthur's bruised face.
Most of the time Eames isn’t this chest-beating Cro-Magnon who wants to take Arthur into a cave and tie him up there, but there’s a part of Eames (and it’s not just his prick, cheers) that does want to board up Arthur in a room, sit outside it, and growl at passersby. Even the thought of a partner that would put up with such custodial tendencies galls Eames, however, and he takes a brief moment of satisfaction in Arthur’s obstinate belief in his own indestructibility.

Wide Eyes [AO3] & [LJ] - NC17 - 5.1k - noncon - On a personal job for Saito, Arthur and Eames drop into a young girl's mind. What they find there follows them to the surface.
There’s a glimmer of pride in Eames’ chest when he sees Arthur fighting with the one thing he can, his white teeth gleaming against the black as he tries to bite. Desperation turns him fierce and feral, and the sight is not nearly as beautiful as Eames once thought it would be.

Catch a Tiger by its Toe (How Arthur and Eames Save the World) [AO3] - PG13 - 1.1k - humor - cuddling - for angelgazing - A revenge fantasy against the US government for SOPA.
“We can come out of retirement with a bang.”

Love, Anterior to Life (Or, Couched in Affection) [LJ] - G - 1.1k - picture by keelain and red_rahl
A hand smooths over Arthur's side, coming to rest at his hip before it shakes him gently, fingers twisting in his belt loops when that fails to wake him. Arthur groans, voice heavy with sleep and thirst. He pushes his head deeper into the soft pillow before him, wishing for just a little longer because it’s been so long since he’s slept, really slept.

30 x 15 - Arthur/Eames - nc-17 - 6k+ - underage, (imagined) dub/non-con.
“We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

The One Instrument Symphony [AO3] & [LJ] - Arthur/Eames - nc-17 - Some nights Arthur needs something hot to fill him up. Eames is happy to oblige.
It's not his fault he can't sleep some nights.

That's what Arthur always thinks as soon as his bliss trickles away, in that moment when he's empty and leaking come out down his thigh, his hole tightening back up as its little creases and ridges grasp for something to hold onto in a way that his arms never do.

Audience Participation [AO3] & [LJ] - NC17 - 7.1k - Arthur/Eames - hurt/comfort; sickness; power dynamics - Two years of dating Arthur has taught Eames to keep his hands to himself. When Arthur suddenly gets sick and touch-starved, Eames gleefully takes the chance provided to cuddle and snuggle as much as he wants. But all maladies end and eventually Arthur snaps back to his old ways; Eames finds it much harder to regress.
If Arthur really is sick, Eames must work fast. It's never happened before so he doesn't know what to expect and must anticipate any situation -- which of course means calling him mother, who strangely still knows more than her son about the most important things in life.

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akasha_lilian: What? Doctorakasha_lilian on December 18th, 2012 06:20 pm (UTC)
Please, please, PLEASE tell me that you're still planning to write the third part of Thursday Night Special! The first two parts were mindblowing and I LOVE your Monroe, all growly and in control with Juliette as leader really. Also the idea that everything is heightened by Nick being a threat...YUMM! So really, I am begging you to post the third part. It would be perfect as a Christmas gift or something! ;-)
night_revealsnight_reveals on December 19th, 2012 06:23 pm (UTC)
I definitely am! I never would have posted those two earlier sections if I'd known it'd take this long to get the last one up. Unfortunately the stars haven't been kind to this story so far. Very happy to hear that you've enjoyed what's there, though. &I can't promise it'll be done for Christmas, but I *can* promise it will be done, eventually!
night_revealsnight_reveals on July 12th, 2013 06:56 am (UTC)
Well it took a while but it's done and up on AO3! Hope you enjoy, if you're still into Grimm.
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veggie1218veggie1218 on July 18th, 2013 05:03 pm (UTC)
Hi! I was looking through some of my Inception bookmarks and I noticed that some of the stories are f-locked and not on AO3. I really love your writing and would appreciate it if you friended me back and I could continue to read your work. Thanks!
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I am totally obsessing Eames x Arthur for the longest time and would really love to read your fiction about them... so please please do friend me ^ ^
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Your stories are quite lovely, I really enjoy your style of writing! I would love to have access to some of the stories that are not accessible for the public, if you don't mind. Thank you once again for your stories and I hope you enjoy writing many more!

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Hi! adding because I was hoping to read "Some Kind of Magnetism". :) If you have posted it in public elsewhere, could you give me the link, please? Thanks!
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chasingriverchasingriver on July 14th, 2015 06:07 pm (UTC)
Hi. I'd planned to do a tentacle porn roundup for the 5 year Inceptiversary, and then I found your name and the Tentacular Spectacular mentioned by kyrtella in their Eight Arms to Hold Me fic. So I guess I'm not being very creative. :) However, since I (and I'm guessing a lot of other new Inception fans) can't access it, I was wondering if you'd mind sharing the links/roundup so I can include them somehow? The stuff on AO3 is easy enough to find with tags, but I worry that a lot of the Livejournal stuff will be lost.

Also, I've read at least a couple of your fics and loved them, and I'm embarrassed to say I probably didn't leave comments because I was using my stupid ipad while I worked out and I hate the touch keypad (yes, I read porn while I work out), and only left kudos. I should go back and fix that and probably will. But I love your writing.

(Oh, so I'd love to be added, if you don't mind!)

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You're added and the tentacle post is now public. Let me know if you need anything else.
chasingriverchasingriver on July 16th, 2015 03:26 am (UTC)
Oh, *thank you* so much for getting back to me. Is it okay if I link to the post in my round-up?
night_revealsnight_reveals on July 16th, 2015 06:59 pm (UTC)
Of course!
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