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25 December 2030 @ 04:03 pm
updated july 6th, 2012

Hello! This is a placeholder to welcome confused wanderers. This journal primarily focuses on fandom, currently including Teen Wolf, Inception, Grimm, and angel-fic. Writing posted here is tagged under fic; if you aren't a friend you may not be able to access it all. Feel free to friend me; if you don't let me know below I probably won't notice, so comment for conversation or reciprocation. Have a lovely day,

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Note: If you are only here for fic you can find much of it at my AO3 page. However, there are stories and ficlets exclusive to either place.

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In general:

Writing: Please be aware that many of the stories I post are explicit in nature with some containing darker subject matter. Please read all story notes before proceeding to read anything I post. The content notes on the LJ & DW masterlist are NOT COMPREHENSIVE; click on a story for comprehensive notes.

Approach: I try to accurately and pro-actively note content in my fics that I anticipate readers may find triggering or even simply odious. This includes but is definitely not limited to: non-con, dub-con, classism, racism, sexism, underage sex (underage = 18), incest, power imbalances in relationships, alcohol or drug use, violence, and graphic descriptions (of blood/bodily fluids). By noting these things, I don't mean to pass any judgment on readers who are looking for any certain type of story, especially since I partly use such stories to take control of my own experiences. (My definitions of non and dub-con are basically gyzym's definitions. However, I am a bit freer with dubcon -- as a writer I am in the unique position of understanding what both characters want. Therefore, some sex under-the-influence of alcohol/manipulation may not be labelled dub-con, but will have a more specific content note instead.)

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